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We are highly trained individuals who thrive to be India's no.1 organization in recruiting young talents in Maritime studies. And why do we even want to become the top of all authority on Maritime Studies? We came across the constant lack of innovation in this industry, a lack of awareness regarding its scope, and a mystical fog that surrounds this field and halts people from excelling. We took this initiative not only to excel the young naval professionals but also, to level up the cadre of Merchant Navy Studies.

However, in contrast, there is also a deep passion among the young to explore the high seas and pursue an adv


Latest News


Omicron Five merchant navy ship crew isolated in Goa

Five people who arrived in Goa on board a merchant navy ship were isolated after they tested positive for Covid-19.



Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change

Pushing a long life ‘Key Workers’ status for sailors, maritime body draws center's focus on ‘Declaration’.



Maritime piracy major cause of concern for over two lakh Indian seafarers MUI

Concerned at rising incidents of piracy during the COVID-19 pandemic, maritime body MUI said it has become a major cause of worry for over two lakh Indian seafarers.